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When we speak of the kernel of a body the mind is set on the core of the object. The life of every living body is in the kernel. By the same token, truth, and grace and life of man individually is a kernel element of creation of God. Unless a man knows and finds and lives by it he will not have life. With regards to human the position of the kernel of truth, grace and of man are outside his person. So what he might consider to be truth, or grace, or life according to self-righteousness is a hoax. Until he first find out where each is situated and sets mind on it totally, he will be in darkness. This is what makes carnal man to be different from other objects whose kernel is within them.

An example of the other bodies is the palm fruit. Its kernel is protected by layers of different shapes. In this instance the layers turn out to be inferior materials. They generally constitute hard work to be done before the kernel which is the carrier of life of the fruit can be enjoyed. Nonetheless, similarity exists with man.

For him to know the position and have knowledge of what is core truth, grace and who is true man requires perseverance. It involves clarity of mind, focus on Jesus Christ, denial of self-righteousness, loyalty, humility, love and discerning spirit.


The rigmarole of carnal man about real truth and grace and his real self is due to sin which had separated him from true life. This reality is incorruptible and immortal and therefore eternal. Whereas, the truth and grace and self which the carnal man relishes are mere deception. These are elements that were in the world before the first coming of Jesus Christ. But the actual truth and grace came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17). So also was the true life of man (John 1:4, 12).


What this suggest is that until Jesus came truth and grace and life known to man were inferior to real truth and grace and life of God. It is invariably suggesting that every contemplation of carnal man is different from the perspective of God.

This is so because man is in a falling state of darkness in darkness. So he is separated from God who is Light. It means when Jesus increased in favor with God and man He was dealing with two separate kindness (Lk. 2:52). Thus the truth and grace and living in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God are different.

Every person who has the gift of discerning spirit will see the obvious differences in the society today. Thus everything the carnal man contemplates and does by self-righteousness will keep him in perpetual darkness both alive, and in death. The end of a carnal man is a fearful thing to imagine.


As alluded previously what the carnal person regards as truth and grace and living can be likened to inferior layers which hide the kernel of worldly objects.

Sadly, the opinion of man is unreal and there is no kernel to protect in himself.

Rather the kernel of his life is in Christ Jesus the Lord. So also are truth and grace. This put the necessity on everyone to seek and find Jesus Christ, or be found by Him. Without doing so, a person will live without hope forever.


Unless a man abides in Christ Jesus he will settle for assorted understanding of truth or grace or life. For instance grace is today variously regarded as un-merited or un-deserved favor, or power, or the person of Christ Jesus or Spirit. Every one of them has some element of truth. But God does not deal in half measures.

Moreover, the only thing which man merits is death (Gen. 2:17; Jer. 15:1-3).

The diversity of opinion of men has clearly suggested that they have chosen to be independent from God. This is contrary to scripture which admonished us to be of one Lord, one baptism, one heart, one faith, one God, and one hope (Eph. 4:4-5).


Moreover we do not preach ourselves but the Christ Jesus the Lord in us does it and us as bondservants to our audience for the sake of Christ Jesus (2Cor. 4:6).

If this were so, and it is, all will must regard grace of God in the same way.

Thanks be to God that scripture has revealed to us what grace is. This is the kernel of grace. There is no excuse for self-opinion about grace. This is one of several revelation knowledge in the 2019 title book: “Doomed Christianity & Unshakable Lifeline’ which is available at


No one who put his hands on same plow with Jesus Christ without abiding in Him is worthy to follow Him. Thus one must see and do things according to His footsteps. It means we must imitate Him to belong to His course or church. Otherwise the person will be unfit to follow Him (Lk. 9:62). So refuse to be deceived by any word assuring that you are the righteousness of God, and that you have been saved forever because you have believed in Jesus Christ.


Similarly the kernel of truth is the perspective of God regarding every object. What this means in brief is to see and regard things the very same way of God which is before us – The written words in Holy Bible for our learning.


One knotting mystery is the kernel of born-again nature. Where is it situated?

The kernel is found in Christ Jesus the Lord. This is thoroughly explained in the book: “Doomed Christianity &…” It is further illustrated in another book:

“Why are We Here” to be released in 2nd Quarters of 2020 by “Advantage Books” (


Besides knowing and believing and abiding in Jesus Christ the liberty which God has given to man might deceive him to live a life of self-righteousness and be swallowed by pride. It suggests the trending worldly opinion of born again which some persons apportion to themselves. The journey necessary to have in oneself the kernel of life now in Christ Jesus is long. Once the kernel is known it will reveal the background for regarding man as spirit. To believe in Jesus will merely kick starts the journey to become born-again. Again, the book: Doomed Christianity throws sufficient light upon this subject.


In a nutshell, God created a man composed of spirit, soul and body (1Thes. 5:23). It is this man who is regarded as a spirit. But the spirit tag is not referring to the spirit component of man. Rather it is by reason of the origin of the soul who is the icon of man. The origin is God and He is a Spirit. And as like begets like the man He created, who is the soul, is another speaking spirit too (Gen. 1:26-27).

In other words, the soul has the nature of the spirit. He is separate from the born again spirit which is of God and which He now gives to every believer in His Son Jesus Christ (1John 4:13). This might appear confusing to grab.


Thus the soul and not the spirit formed within man that is the image and likeness of God. Therefore the soul is the seed of God which must be born again before he cannot sin (1John 3:9). It is the soul with the spirit within him that is the kernel of life which must first die for it to produce much fruit afterward. This suggest that the principle of death first before multiplication applies equally to everything that produces more lives. This condition is germane to the old man only. As for the soul on the journey to be born again, he lives for Christ by His faith and no more for himself (Gal. 2:20). The significance of this is that no man can honestly say he is born again when he still commit sin. So man is, or you are, not the born again spirit of God which He now gives to the believer to help him work out the salvation of his soul (Phil. 2:12). This affirms the soul as the kernel of the person of the heart who has born again spirit of God as his life (1Pet. 3:4; Job 33:4). Whenever the spirit is de-linked, the soul will not have life (Is. 57:16).


Apostle Paul is our example of the man who first died to rediscover himself anew. Consequently he regarded himself as one who never lived as his old personality. So he suffered the loss of all the old things that were once credited to his person and counted them as rubbish. He did this of a necessity that he might gain the surpassing work of knowing Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:8).


This brings to the fore the all-important need to know and hold onto the true meaning or kernel of truth and the grace of God. It is not the misrepresentation of grace today, which is variously labeled as shown previously.

The foregoing glimpse are some extraordinary revelation knowledge in the book; “Doomed Christianity and Unshakable Lifeline” which make it a must read masterpiece. The book is available for purchase at:

God bless you.

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