Hello Audiences! Welcome to RTGF, the platform for revelation knowledge. It is important for everyone to have vision of the journey of life to walk fruitfully to destination of choice. This is Episode 4 of the ROOT Series: Titled; “know the truth and enter by the door before He is shut (Rev. 3:7-8)”. You can find where to locate the door in Episode 1; Titled Grace; misunderstood till now – 2020AD.

My name is Dr. Danson Ubebe –Teacher and Author.

Our topic for today is: Died in Adam & born again in Christ & life after death.

Our aim is to equip you with basic outline of events in phases of life.

We do not teach ourselves. It’s the Holy Spirit who reminds us of the teachings of Jesus. Hence we are able to reveal hidden bible truth in unprecedented way. RTGF Episodes are revolutionary. Salvation is only guaranteed through the sole message of the cross of Jesus and Him crucified (1Cor. 2:2). It’s the cross who crucified the world to man, and those who truly believe in Jesus to the world (Gal. 6:14). To believe could be in vain if what it entails are lacking. – E.g. is to be blind to all worldly things bible hates. Also study the Holy Bible to know the truth about the past, the present and the future with certainty (Eph.1: 4-5, 7-9, and 9-14).

The past revealed creation of man made up of spirit, soul and body. The process was finalized on celestial earth (Gen. 2:7). God blessed them to be fruitful and to multiply and etc. (Gen. 1:28). Then He talented man’s loins with seeds of names written in the book of life before foundation of the world (Ps. 56:8; Mt. 3:16).

For man to live forever God forbade him to eat the forbidden fruit, else he would die. When he did, he died. So sin separated man spiritually from God and the inner organs physically from the glory of God (Isaiah. 59:2). How do we know? That Adam was covered by the glory of God is not in doubt. It was proven by the face of Moses which shone when he came down from the presence of God in Mount Sinai (Exodus 34:29-35). It exposed his nakedness. Then God blotted the names of man from the book of life (Ex. 32:33). He cursed him, shed animal blood to cover his sin and his nakedness with tunic of skin (Gen. 3:19; 21).

Everything Adam suffered infested the seeds in him. This is why man cannot undo his sinful nature by good works (Ps. 49:6-9; Rom. 8:3). Then God drove him as darkness from Eden across the firmament to earth of darkness (Gen. 3:24).  Previously God created the sun, the moon and the stars in the firmament to give it light.

The present received Adam as deep darkness when he arrived terrestrial earth of darkness (Is. 60:2). Later and in a bid to find God corruptible men made image of corruptible objects their gods (Rom. 1:23). It’s the origin of worship of idols. Even the law through Moses did not profit Israel because it was not obeyed (Heb. 4:2). However the arrival of Jesus ushered in the kingdom of God. The crucifixion of Jesus for our offences at the end of His ministry and His resurrection three days later for our justification, justified God to forgive man the sins he committed in the past (Rom. 3:25) So it is clear God did not forgive man present and future sins. This presupposes that man would obey Him thenceforth (Acts 5:29).

With the forgiveness mankind was born again by the word and was raised together with born again Christ from the dead (Col. 3:1). In principle the cross annulled all existing world religions. It was a new dawn for man, similar to Adam before he sinned. It restored service to God by pure and undefiled religion (James 1:27). This was the purpose for which God created man in the beginning (Rev. 4:11). Like God commanded Adam, now man is cautioned not to disobey the word, else he would not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal. 5:19-21). This means once a man believes he should abide in Christ to be fit for the kingdom of God (Lk. 9:62).

But some have rejected Jesus and continued the old way. Some who believe override the word of God with World views. Example; interpreting grace as unmerited favor against scripture evidence that though it is unmerited like every other gifts grace is the intercession by Christ Jesus (Romans 8:34) – proven by Episode 1. So two gates and ways now lie before man – One wide gate and Broadway which leads to destruction, and many go in by it. The second is the narrow gate and winding way which leads to life and there are few who find it (Mt. 7:13-14).

Now the man who lives according to God in the spirit sits with Christ in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6). But man also lives on earth according to the flesh. On earth it is impossible that offences will not come (Lk. 17:1). Therefore man cannot escape acts of sin. So he will give account for his present and future sins according to the flesh (1Pet. 4:2-6). The name of everyone who believed in Jesus as described previously and is adjudged saved by God is written in the book of life or of the righteous in THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jer. 23:6).

The cross of Jesus is from where every scripture concerning promises of forgiveness of sins for salvation derives legitimacy. Example; “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.” (Heb. 8:12). None of such scripture is in isolation of the cross, unless you are saying Jesus died in vain. In mortal body man lives by faith in God in hope of attaining the stature of perfect man in Christ (Phil. 3:12-19). The spirit, soul and body make up complete man and not spirit alone. People confuse this spirit with the spirit man is. He is not. All must be perfect to be born again like risen Christ. The Holy Spirit dwells in man as the guarantee of inheritance till the redemption of the purchased possession which is the soul (Eph. 1:11-14).

Now the new man lives by the spirit of God for Christ and not him (Gal 2:20). As man cannot avoid not to commit sin, God made repentance the way of escape from backslide (1John 1:9). Now all believers are in the race of life to attain fullness of perfect man, to the measure of the stature of Christ (Eph. 4:13) – ref. insert. It is necessary to lay aside every weight and sin which hamper the run (Heb. 12:1-2). Doing so is the way we work out salvation of own soul (Phil. 2:12). The inner man who is the soul is being renewed to the glory of Christ (2Corth. 4:16). The outward man will be the last to be born again as a glorious body of Christ (Phil. 3:21), made without hands (2Cor. 5:1).

The empty tomb of Jesus supports this assertion. So mortal body must first die before individual man is fully born again to receive the crown of righteousness of God in Christ (2Timothy 4:8). Proof of born again is ability to pass barrier and to appear and to disappear (John 20:19). Moreover the body would not die forever. Certainly no person on earth has these qualities. Now God who has delivered, is delivering and will deliver man till he is totally perfect (2Cor. 1:10). No doubt humanity has been saved and born again in Christ. But only those who believe are running independently in hope to be born again to the stature of the complete man in Christ Jesus.


Life after death is real. At mortal death components of man go to their relevant origins – the body to the grave to turn dust of the ground and the spirit to God who gave it (Eccl. 12:6-7) – The saved spirit to Paradise and the unsaved spirit to Hades till the Day of Judgment.

But who is this spirit? Scripture declared it is the soul who: is the man God created; sinned and died; is the inner man; within whom the spirit was formed; was restored; only God can kill, etc. So the soul is the man who is the image of God. The soul is a spirit because of his origin who is God and who is Spirit (Num. 16:22). You need to know this not to be deceived and deceiving people to enter by the wide gate and walk the Broadway which leads to destruction (Mt. 7:13-14). So when you talk of man or you know you are talking of the soul.

The dialogue between Abraham with the beggar in his bosom and the rich man confirmed the existence of Paradise and Hades. They are holding countries God prepared for the dead till the Day of Judgment (Heb. 11:16). It is this paradise Jesus assured the robber on the cross of. So those in paradise are in principle present with the Lord which Paul referred (2Cor. 5:8). It is from Paradise the dead in Christ who now wait for us to be made perfect together, will rise first (Heb. 11:40).

And the raptured from earth will join and meet Christ in the air and be judged (2Cor. 5:10) – ref. insert: They will receive glorious body (Phil. 3:21) made without hands (2Cor. 5:1). Their names will be affirmed in the book of life, and be given due reward. All men will be once born again to live forever in new earth in the kingdom of God – ref. insert.

All unbelievers from Hades and earth will face the White Throne Judgment. Those whose names are not written in the book of life, together with Hades and Death will be cast into the Lake of fire (Rev. 20:14-15) – ref. insert.


References taken from New King James Version (NKJV) of Holy Bible. All rights Reserved.

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