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In 2014 made 24, 2015 made 24, 2016 made 20 visits

In 2014 made 24, 2015 made 24, 2016 made 20 visits to Maximum Security Prison Port-Harcourt. Offered counseling and guidance on moral to a number of inmates ranging from 60 to 90 number each visit per year. 2014 – Visited with a total of 4 number welfare packages to inmates. 2015 – Visited with a […]

The Mystery of the Bible

The bible represents the collection of God’s words of life and of death (2 Cor. 3:6-10). Knowing the Mystery of the collection is the true foundation of sound understanding of its message.The Holy Bible is one book which shows clearly how all things, seen and unseen, came into existence, as well as how they will […]

The Fall from Grace … Practical Dossier

Allowing scripture to interpret itself is the foolproof way to know the truth. This is how the true meaning of grace has been revealed. Before we have variously described grace according to opinion of man as either unmerited favor, or power, and so on. We have come to understand that the true meaning of sound […]