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Learning from ministry of Jesus – 1

Hello, Audiences! Welcome to Return to God Forum. Our goal is for you to know the truth. Our messages are exact witness of scripture. If they fall on deaf ears, you have nobody else to blame. This is Episode 11. It is the beginning of a new Series, titled; “Called to the kingdom of God.” […]


TITHING – THE WRITTEN TRUTH.   Hello Audience! Welcome to RTGF TV program. We are delighted to present Episode10; the last of the ROOT Series – “know the truth….” What is truth? Though Jesus is the truth, it was clarified in Episode 9 for ref. Without knowing what truth is, it is impossible to worship […]

Grace and Truth by God. 

Intro. Hello Audience! Welcome to RTGF TV program. This is Episode 8 of the ROOT Series – The title is: Know the truth and enter by the door before He is shut (Rev 3:7-8). Our title today is: God explained Grace. Scripture is the ultimate source of what is truth. Once misinterpreted, it will sow […]


Hello Audiences! Welcome to RTGF. Over the centuries, men have been overriding strange word of God with human opinion and passed as though it is truth. The most recent is rewriting grace as favor. So confirm what you hear or read with true scripture. Ask questions. We do not only teach the truth by the […]