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Get Latest Discovery In Scripture According To The Holy Spirit
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Get Latest Discovery In Scripture According To The Holy Spirit
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Our Vision

To spread the knowledge of truth of the cross of Jesus Christ.
Make known the church Jesus founded. Then the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and salvation by grace through faith.

Our Mission

Employ varied tools available in our platforms to guide people to our Savior; the Lord Jesus Christ.

Source of Biblical Authority:

Founder of Return to God Forum did not attend bible school. He received the anointing of the Holy Spirit in dramatic way. In his teen years he was pre-occupied by the thought of where man came from, why is he here, and where does he return to after death. This was a mystery to him.

This went on to his late youth years. Meanwhile, he liken life to the process of going to school in the morning to learn and to later return home. Later, the thought faded out due to secular job. Suddenly in 2002 he began to dream of expository of what was happening in the secret regarding issues which related to his then sick wife.

In the process He met many figures in dreams. The last of them was a carpenter in his workshop. There was no exchange of words. Afterward he began to be loaded with revelation knowledge of the word of God.


These were always confirmed with supporting scripture. Effective 2004, he started to write Christian books and to donate them all to Individuals, Schools and Libraries. Then he set up a body (NGO) for the purpose of helping the needy, particularly cancer patients, using only in-house fund. Lately the need to beef-up fund necessitated introduction of last books from 2019 into the market. The journey continues by the grace of God.

Featured Books

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here? is anchored on the weightiness of God’s declaration that; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6). It presents the perspective of God, using scripture to interpret scripture.
The high level of understanding demonstrated was possible by the anointing of the Holy One. It was neither by scholarship nor mentoring.

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Doomed Christianity & The Unshakable Lifeline: Grace Is Not Un-Deserved Favor but ….

One common agreement by all is that there is a beginning and there is an end of life. A single authority known as God oversees all in the world to ensure cohesion and sustenance. So, only His perspective can be said to be true and to be believed; and…

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Dr. Danson E. Ubebe


Dr. Danson E. Ubebe was born in 1945 and raised by the parents in their country home at Obadan in Benin Province, Nigeria. Studied Science Education at University of Lagos. Later studied & trained as specialist in Well Engineering at Shell School Ughelli. Taught briefly in College and worked at Shell Nigeria for thirty three years till retirement in December 2004.